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Welcome to the Friends of the Coorong!

Friends of the Coorong is a community based group of volunteers who work in genuine partnership with DEWNR and in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

The friends group is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage in the park and adjacent reserves.

Our key role:

  • to provide voluntary assistance to protect and enhance the Coorong National Park, wildlife, cultural sites and cultural heritage in liaison with the Department
  • to recognise the value and contribution that our members provide and to support them in these activities
  • to provide cultural and social opportunities and activities for members and the general public
  • to raise funds for projects which benefit the Coorong National Park
  • to build upon community responsibility through awareness, support and enjoyment of the Coorong National Park. 


NRM Award

Well done Friends of the Coorong!

Congratulations to our members and fantastic volunteers. Friends of the Coorong is proud to receive this award as a finalist in the 2015 Premier's Natural Resource Management Awards in the category of Community Engagement. Thanks to Natural Resources SE, Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan, Lakes Hub Meningie, Coorong District Council and others for your collaboration and support.

Click on Natural Resources SE for a full list of award recipients.



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