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How you can help


There are so many things that we'd like to achieve and plenty of ways that you can help. Here are just a few:

Become a member

If you aren't already a member, joining Friends of the Coorong will show that caring for our National Park is important to you. You can choose to be actively involved or just show your support and stay informed.

Help out with our Coorong Trails Project

We are very excited about our Trails project but it is going to take a long time to get it off the ground without help. Details on how you can be involved are listed on our Coorong Trails Project  page.

Help us to complete our Birds of the Coorong Book

We have been working on this book for many years now but just can't seem to get if off the ground! If you have any photos of the following birds in flight and/or showing any identifying features or colors, it will be greatly appreciated. Our preference is for photos in digital format. Credit will be given for any photos used. Here is our list -  Australian pelican, Great-crested grebe, Black swan, Chestnut teal, Australian shelduck, Great cormorant, Fairy tern, Sharp-tailed sandpiper, Banded stilt, Red-necked avocet, Greenshank, Red-necked stint, Hooded plover, Red-capped plover, Crested tern, Caspian tern, Emu, Mallee fowl, Beautiful firetail, Singing honey-eater, Rufous bristle bird, Australian white ibis, Masked lapwing, Cape Barren goose, White-bellied sea eagle, Swamp harrier, Nankeen kestrel, White-faced heron, Royal spoonbill, Great egret, Orange-bellied parrot, Australian ring-neck parrot, Elegant parrot, Blue bonnet parrot, Curlew sandpiper, Sooty oyter catcher, Black-shouldered kite, Wedge-tailed eagle, Willy wag tail, Red rump parrot, Austrlian Magpie, Currawong, Mud lark, New Holland honey eater, Pardelope, Scarlet robin, Black-faced cuckoo shrike, White-browed babbler, Australian raven. Photos can be emailed to our secretary Joanne Flavel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posted to Friends of the Coorong PO Box 229 Meningie SA 5264.

Help us to keep our website interesting and informative

If you enjoy our website then please help us to make it even more informative. Email Wendy Easson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your ideas or help us with one of the following areas:

  • Coorong Wildlife. Our wildlife page is ready to receive any relevant information that you might contribute.We would like to include comprehenive details of fauna and flora found in the Coorong National Park along with information on projects such as bird banding and water research that are being undertaken. If you have an article that we can include or can refer us to a website that you think we should link to please let us know. 
  • Photo Gallery. If you have photos of Friends of the Coorong activities we would love to include them on our gallery page.
  • Kids Corner. Have you tested your skill with our online jigsaws yet? We are always looking for new photos to create jigsaws from. A line of informative text that we can add to the photo to make it more educational would be a bonus. A photo of baby chicks would make a great jigsaw suitable for young children. An historic photo for older children (or adults!) would also be good. Perhaps we could include a kids quiz - any ideas please let us know.
  • Recipes. Do you have a great recipe for Muntrie Jam, Quondong Pie, Wattleseed Scones or something even more exotic. Let us know and we will include it on our recipes page.  An accompanying photo would be good but is not essential.

Educational games

We currently have two educational games that we are developing which we hope will help with our fund-raising. 

The first is a childrens' game similar to snakes and ladders which has a question card pile and an image card pile, each with multiple choice answers. We need help to compile images and suitable questions to go on the cards.

The second is an observation game suitable for children and adults. It contains a box of image cards, a 10 second timer and a dice. The first player selects an image card and has 10 seconds (longer for young children) to study the card and remember as much as they can about the image. The player then rolls a dice and if they successfuly answer the corresponding question on the back they keep the card. The player that accumulates the most cards wins. If you have trouble with wildlife species identification this is the perfect game to hone your skills! Once again we need your help to compile images and suitable questions to go on each card. Each card also needs a line of text which says something about the image e.g. an image of an Orange-bellied parrot may have a line of text saying "Rare Orange-bellied parrots fly to Tasmania in summer". Images don't just need to be limited to birds. We'd like to make this as educational and enjoyable as possible.

If you can help please contact Wendy Easson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Help us to organise a walk

Friends of the Coorong aim to organise 4 short walks each year. If you have a suggestion for a walk or would like to help us to organise a walk please be in touch. We are particularly interested in  organising walks in lesser known areas of the Park and surrounding areas. This might include areas that are not normally accessible to the general public. If you have a specific area of expertise such as bird or other species identification or local history we would particularly welcome your participation. If you have any walks photos that we can include in our gallery please send them through.

General projects and events

We will be adding to this page on an ongoing basis with general projects and events that might interest you. Any volunteer contribution will be appreciated. Please help us and watch this space!