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General Events


WeavingTraditional Basket Weaving Workshop, October 2013


On Sunday 27th October Friends of the Coorong members and friends were treated to an introduction to traditional basket weaving by Meryl Mansfield. The afternoon was spent on the front verandah of Peter and Meryl’s home, Trunkeena, surrounded by a beautifully landscaped native garden including frog ponds, a fountain and plentiful birds. Meryl had prepared starters for our weaving so that we could all make good progress on the day. The materials, sourced from plants native to the Coorong and Lower Lakes, were all kindly provided for us. Each participant was also given a hand crafted tool, decorated with emu feathers and used in the weaving process. Intense concentration was interspersed with much friendly chatter as we wove our baskets and coasters. Magnificent examples of weaving were displayed, including a one hundred year old basket which was woven by Peter’s uncle, Mr Bruce Cameron who was born and raised at Trunkeena. A turtle crafted by Meryl captured everyone’s imagination. Meryl, originally from Millicent, was taught by Lettie Nicholls (nee Karpani), daughter of Sir Douglas Nicholls, Governor of South Australia. Lettie is from Tee Luk near The Granites, north of Kingston. Though our attempts at weaving were small and inexpert, we were all proud of our achievements for the day. Meryl’s guidance was very much appreciated by all.




Anniversary cake25th Anniversary Celebration at Cantara Homestead, November 2012

Twenty five years ago the desire to protect nesting Hooded Plovers on the Coorong Ocean Beach was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the Friends of the Coorong. To celebrate the continuing work of the Friends a walk to the beach was arranged for Sunday 4th November followed by a BBQ lunch at the homestead. Built by the Gall family and first occupied around 1880 the homestead is a very valuable item of built heritage. The major restoration and conservation work carried out in recent years reflects well on all involved.